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Ground Up Construction Projects

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Are you looking to build a new commercial property from the ground up? Our Ground Up Construction services in Colorado Springs are tailored to meet your needs. With our expertise and commitment to quality, we’ll ensure your project is completed on time and within budget.

Ground Up Construction Services in Colorado Springs

Ground Up Construction
Ground Up Construction
Ground Up Construction
Ground Up Construction
Ground Up Construction

Ground-up construction refers to the process of building a structure or development from the very beginning, starting with an empty plot of land or undeveloped site. This type of construction typically involves erecting a new building, infrastructure, or project, without any pre-existing structures or foundations in place. Ground-up construction is a comprehensive and intricate undertaking that encompasses a wide range of activities and stages, including planning, design, site preparation, construction, and finishing.

Initial Consultation and Planning:

The process begins with an initial consultation to understand the client's vision, budget, and timeline. This is followed by detailed planning, including site evaluation, feasibility studies, and design development.

Permitting and Approvals:

Obtaining the necessary permits and approvals from local authorities is a crucial step in the construction process. This includes permits for building, zoning, and environmental compliance.

Foundation Construction:

The foundation is the base of the building and is crucial for its stability and durability. This phase includes excavation, footings, and foundation walls.

Exterior & Interior Finishes:

After the structural construction is complete, exterior finishes are added. This may include siding, roofing, windows, and doors.

Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP):

MEP systems are essential for the functioning of the building. This includes HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection systems.

Design and Engineering:

Once the initial planning is complete, the design and engineering phase begins. This involves creating detailed architectural and engineering plans that comply with local building codes and regulations.

Site Preparation:

Before construction can begin, the site must be prepared. This may involve clearing the land, grading the site, and preparing the foundation.

Structural Construction:

Once the foundation is in place, the structural elements of the building are constructed. This includes the framing, floors, walls, and roof.

Interior Finishes:

Once the exterior is finished, work begins on the interior finishes. This includes walls, flooring, ceilings, and fixtures.

Final Inspections and Occupancy:

Before the building can be occupied, it must undergo final inspections to ensure it meets all building codes and regulations. Once approved, the building is ready for occupancy.

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Commercial Ground Up Construction is a complex and multi-faceted process that requires careful planning, coordination, and execution. Hiring a reputable construction company with experience in ground-up construction is essential to ensure the success of the project. That’s why Ed Green Construction Is your best choice Call us Now!

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FAQ Construction Questions

Commercial construction refers to the process of building structures that are used for commercial purposes, such as office buildings, retail stores, restaurants, and hotels.

Commercial construction companies offer a range of services, including ground-up construction, renovations, tenant improvements, and project management.

The cost of commercial construction varies widely depending on factors such as the size of the project, the location, and the materials used. It is best to consult with a commercial construction company for a detailed cost estimate.

In most cases, yes. An architect is responsible for designing the building and ensuring that it meets all building codes and regulations. Call us we can help 719-475-0922

The permits and approvals required for a commercial construction project vary depending on the location and the scope of the project. A commercial construction company can help navigate the permit process.

To ensure that your project stays on budget and on schedule, it is important to have a detailed plan in place and to work closely with your construction team to monitor progress and address any issues that arise.

A general contractor is responsible for overseeing the entire construction project, while a construction manager is typically hired to manage specific aspects of the project, such as scheduling and budgeting.

During the construction process, you can expect regular updates from your construction team, site visits to monitor progress, and the opportunity to make decisions regarding design and materials.


I had Ed Green construction build a ground up building years Go, they were spot on with every part of the build. I have been working with the Green family for several years. I highly recomed them.

Larry Ledom

we have employed many contractors for a variety of services. Ed Green Construction were one of the best we have ever used. They were very professional, performed excellent work, were reasonably priced, and very accommodating to our numerous changes.

Mark G.

(719) 475-0922

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